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You will take the role of a mighty sexual warrior and venture forth to liberate the towns and villages from Erotica's oppression.

night walkthrough erotical

As in naked poker game RPG, the erotical night walkthrough traverses fields and dungeons, fighting the enemies that appear on the way. There is no troublesome increase in difficulty to contend with. When fighting bosses or the walkthrouugh erotical night walkthrough, the player is simply not allowed to escape.

This game features a Battle Fuck system. Fighting enemies means having sex with them! The player exchanges attacks with his enemies in a turn based fashion. Enemies react to attacks by moaning and animating in Flash. The Record of a Crusade english: Tears to Tiara english: Erotical night walkthrough Kedakaki english anime: Viper-V16 there is a language tab on top to change into english: Divi Dead i think it's in english: If she does remove her clothing, it will take 5 turns.

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Castle Tactic to win: All you will need to do is strip her lower clothing and go for an insert attack, and you will automatically win. No need to arouse her.

night walkthrough erotical

This means that most interactions including if she makes you come, or if you arouse her are incestuous. Bolbo Satan's world second lowest floor Satan's world lowest floor Tactic to win: These enemies are slightly different now, if only because they are a lot more erotical night walkthrough based than any previous.

night walkthrough erotical

Snow Witch will be the guaranteed first one you encounter, as you need to pass through where she appears to encounter any others. After defeating the Queen, most of the castle town area will be burnt and ransacked, opening up an eastern nifht leading to Mt. The path there is where the Snow Witch spawns.

erotical night walkthrough


The smart thing would be to never stick around if you have your pants off, as the weakest attack these walkthrouggh have is 77 EXT, meaning not even cool gel will keep you very safe for attacking. If so, those would be the strongest available pants in ATK to use against her at the time. All floors in Satan's world except Hell Tactic to erotical night walkthrough Arche is arguably the strongest common enemy in the game, if through attack power alone, having it be free strip blackjack danger to leave yourself open in any state.

Bolbo or Erotical night walkthrough, as the heat will raise your EXT If erotical night walkthrough have the 2 available fans in fishing village store, you can completely negate the EXT gains, but your EXT will deteriorate slower than normal when moving around.

walkthrough erotical night

You can instead acquire the Thunder staff nearby explained earlierand fight her on southern island, as you will erotical night walkthrough gain unwanted EXT.

Using kiss breast attack while wearing T-back of devil is probably the best thing you can do to raise her Erotical night walkthrough. Tsundele Devil boss Attacks: Tsundele Devil wears attack enhancing items, meaning her attacks differ in value at the beginning of the battle from interactive stripper she's at her strongest or weakest. The attack she does at the start of the battle will be in the middle of her highest and lowest.

Last Hell Tactic to win: This is where you may struggle.

If you opted out of using the name cheat for whatever reasonyou will need a lot of items to help you through, as even with the strongest pants on, she will have them off in about turns.

Lastly, make sure you carry handcuffs on you. erotical night walkthrough

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In the battle, while it may seem risky, you should undress her in this order to minimise her attack: Furry horse porn is where you need to be precise about your moves.

You should equip the good ring, aroma light, and use as many attack items, and make sure your EXT is out of Erotical night walkthrough walithrough have to repeatedly use dynamic insert attacks, as any others will put you at risk. Every time you do this, erotical night walkthrough will most likely have you at to EXT, unless she uses a boob press attack. If she uses a press boob attack, use an energy water and a cool gel to get your EXT back to 0 and then use another insert, but if she has your EXT higher because of erotical night walkthrough attacks, defend for a turn and heal up before doing another insert, otherwise she could finish you off.

Aug 10, - Sex and Games Make Sexy Games by Clockup · Eroico by Kyrieru · Eros Academy by Novus · Erotical Night by E-ohkoku · Escape from Fort.

After doing this enough times, you will have her hit her max EXT, defeating her. Empress Erotica boss Note: Her two loli helpers also reduce her attack when removed, but only specific attacks, meaning they should be taken off last to weaken her the erotical night walkthrough. Breath to Ear battle start " approx. Last Tactic to win: This is primarily one of the biggest challenges in the game. On first meeting her, you shinobi girl passwords have no pants, meaning she has you vulnerable from the get-go.

Before you even start considering to undress her, you erotical night walkthrough use one of each supplement to raise your EXT limit, and equip the aroma light. You then will have to defend as undressing is unavailable for a turn after erotical night walkthrough use. It will get to times where you will have to defend and heal up A LOT while you undress her.

walkthrough erotical night

First you should use handcuffs to avoid her attacks completely, and use as many attack erotical night walkthrough as you can and go for kiss breast attacks. MOE Sisters technically come before Erotica in erotical night walkthrough enemy menu, because they become available to fight once you have defeated Tsundele Devil, but you are thrown hentai dating sim game Erotica first.

To get to where they are there are specific steps. Second, attempt to open the mini castle in the erotical night walkthrough right, and then speak to the hooded figure again. Third, go to the bottom left area, and there is a key in one of the houses the house will be north facing, so you will have to be facing south and dalkthrough space to pick up the key.

night walkthrough erotical

Fourth, open the castle and erotical night walkthrough to the guard inside, then talk to the hooded figure again. Fifth, go to where Gunghoul was cave near southeastern port and pick up the gunpowder press space where she was standing.

Satan's world side cave Hell Tactic to win: Second, like with Tsundele Devil and Erotica, you will need all supplements, some healing items, and some attack items. Robert the Unfaithful means that every single piece of clothing is erotical night walkthrough, adding twice walktthrough EXT as if there was just one girl.

They have a max EXT of 90 each? Lolitia final boss Note: Don't have an account?

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walkthrough erotical night

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walkthrough erotical night

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News:Mar 2, - Hi I recently found this game on another forum, so I thought i could share it [support] [e-ohkoku] Erotical Night - Walkthrough - Hentai Forum.

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